About iPafy

What and Who we are

iPafy (earlier known as iNoJB) is an Tech Center for Non-Jailbroken iDevices. iPafy offers a wide range of Products and an own Package Manager which works similar to the ones you install on jailbroken Devices. Of course the selection isn't that big because of the Restrictions Apple has setted but you won't beleive what's possible. Apps, No-JB Tweaks and Themes can be installed without the needing of being jailbroken which is unsafe and allows the Installation of Malware. iPafy and the iPafy App was made by iDebeon who also acts under the name of iPafy. The credits for the offered Apps, Tweaks and Themes go to their respectful owner. iPafy is NOT affiliated with Apple Inc. or SaurikIT LLC in any way. We also don't condone Piracy and will not help any user with cracking Software. The name "iPafy" is not trademaked but copyrighted and mentally owned by iDebeon. The name "iNoJB" was mentally owned by iDebeon but was sold and is now owned by another Devteam. We won't act under this name any longer and want to distance us from it. The name "MyPCU" is a Product, made by iPafy. It is not related to "iPCU" (iPhone Configuration Utility) which is a Brand of Apple Inc.

Some special Thanks:
-SwiftlyDesign (@SwiftlyDesign) for some Graphic Work
-AiiR (@ImAiir) for some of the iPa Files
-J3DV (@J3DV) for the iPafy and MyPCU Icon
-And You for being with us ^^

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