Terms of Service

The TOS of iPafy Download Server

By using iPafy, iPafy Products and iPafy Download Server you agree with the following Terms:

1. We are not responsible for any harm or damage on your Device(s) caused by using iPafy or iPafy Products, as well as offered content
2. We do not condone Piracy and highly recommend to buy all paid Software to support their Developer
3. We respect Copyright. The credits for the offered content on iPafy Download Server goes to their specific developer.
4.We don't host Files on our Servers to prevent harming copyright, don't ask to host anything illegal!
5. If you try to or successfully bypass any Security Mechanism installed on iPafy Products we are allowed to ban your device and corresponding iP Adress!
6. Piracy is not a victimless crime, don't use iPafy for Piracy Purpose or we are allowed to ban you!